ADT Athletic Skills Development
Level l – Athletic Development Training


Athletic Skills Development Level 1 classes are geared for athletes of middle school age or younger. This group training class focuses on developing athletic skills such as speed, agility, stamina, power, and strength.


 ADT Athletic Skills Development
Level ll – Athletic Development Training


Athletic Skills Development classes are geared for athletes of high school age or older. This group training class focuses on developing athletic skills such as speed, agility, stamina, power, and strength.


ADT Strength Training
Athletic Development Training


ADP weight training classes focus on developing muscular strength through functional weight lifting exercises. This class is generally geared towards athletes 12 years and older.


Boot Camp


A 60-minute group training class that combines dynamic stretching, interval training, various functional exercises geared towards losing body fat, increasing cardiovascular efficiency, increasing strength, and helping participants get into a regular exercise routine.


Cardio Kickboxing


Cardio Kickboxing is a fun, engaging, and fat burning workout designed to keep you in motion, sweating, and getting lean. You’ll work with kickboxing and boxing combinations along with body weight exercises designed to get you fit, fast.


GFS – Grinding For Success


As the name states, this program is designed for one sole purpose…to help each client achieve success. This is a 40 minute high intensity workout that gives you access to individualized personal training inside of an encouraging group session. This program is designed for all levels of health and fitness.


Intro to HIT Fit

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This is a 60 minute low impact session that may serve as an introduction to exercise or a segway between low impact and high intensity. The focus of this class is core stability, general strength, safe movements, and overall confidence in safely performing exercises.


Killer Core


This is a 60 minute high intensity session that focuses on core strengthening and stability. The core is extremely important in any level of fitness, so be sure to participate in this class as we help you attain a “killer” core!


OCR Development
Obstacle Course Racing


60 minutes of hardcore exercise based upon the specialized skills needed for Obstacle Course Racing. This class will work on grip strength & endurance, muscle and cardio endurance, and overall strength, speed, & power that is needed to be successful in Obstacle Course Racing.

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Logan Bernhart is one of our HIT Center sponsored athletes. Logan is a professional Obstacle Course Racing athlete competing out of Jacksonville Florida.

Logan Bernhart
OCR Athlete
Currently ranked 76th in the US Spartan Race Series


Performance Fitness


Performance Fitness, we don’t just train to look good; we train to be better at everything we do. You’ll become stronger, faster, more flexible, with better balance, accuracy, and coordination while you develop the best body for your life.



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